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Coley's Place

So it's obvious...

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19 March
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I want to design. So, it's a good thing that it's all I do.

hah. For now.
acoustic alchemy, airports, alps, andrew wyeth, aquariums, aquascape, architecture, art, autox, badly drawn boy, bathes, bent, bonobo, boston, botany, bubba, buckminster fuller, calder, candlelight, candy corn, cape cod, caverns, caving, chadds ford, chatham mass., chris botti, cleaning, coastline, computers, cornbread, crochet, css, culivating tropicals, cupcakes, degas, dephazz, dominic miller, driving, dzihan & kamien, epiphytes, faithless, family, feng shui, ferrets, filing, first times, flying, fonts, foot massage, fort-building, france, frank lloyd wright, fresh bread, full-contact pillow fighting, furniture restoration, gardening, germany, global communication, golden cremes, graphic design, hay piles, head scratches, heights, high fidelity, high quality, hills, horticulture, hugs, icons, jack kerouac, jane austen, japanese maples, jesse cook, journaling, kite-flying, landscape, lemon jelly, len urso, livebearers (fish), london, love, m.c. escher, macromedia, maps, martyn dean, mel's not jay's, mountaineering, mountains, music, múm, nancy jurs, newts, old-world maps, orchard hill, panties, parties, peaches, peak week, people-watching, photography, photoshop, pie, portraiture, poster art, proofreading, provincetown, rareedge.com, realism in art, redactions, roadtrips, rock climbing, rock formations, roger dean, ropeswings, röyksopp, sade, sea creatures, sewing, sherbet, silent forest walks, skies, sledding, snorkeling, sting, succulents, summer days, sunning, switzerland, tadpoles, terrariums, tidepools, travel, tree-climbing, vacuuming, vivariums, vw gti, walking, waterfalls, waterwar, watkins glen, web albums, web design, wegmans, wendell castle, willis, wreath-making, wrestling, wrx sti, yonderboi

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